Find leads with short 5 minute videos

...then use our proven system to turn them into high paying clients.


You’re a great designer. Now you’re just looking for a simpler way to get clients.

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You’ve thought about sending cold emails.

But you’re not excited to spend time messaging strangers, heavy-selling yout services - only to settle for a 2% conversion rate (because the internet tell you “that’s just the way it is.”)

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I closed my first client via video two weeks after the workshop! It's crazy because the whole process from finding that client to getting the contract signed took only 3 days!

Anh Nguyen

UI/UX Designer from Hanoi, Vietnam

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You’ve thought about sending proposals on Upwork

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But you’re not in love with the number of $100 website gigs and truly feel like your time is worth much more - especially after seeing that 30 designers have already applied.

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The short-term clients I had only wanted the work they asked for. There was no room for my ideas. After the workshop, my clients see me as an authority. They ask for my advice and I'm feeling more confident. I even increased my rate.

Cláudio Meireles

Freelancer from Porto, Portugal

Symptom 3

You’ve thought about running ads


But the idea of spending money on advertising your business with no clear return is scary, especially when the average click-through rate for an ad is less and 2%.

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“Design Clients on Demand taught me that it's not only about finding more clients, it's about finding clients that love you for the value that you bring.”

Tess Kuramoto

Designer from Montreal

Bottom Line

You want to grow your freelance design business and get more clients - without being a marketer or sales person all day long.

Here’s a crazy questions for you:

What if you stopped trying to get any client and started getting the clients you actually want?

Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. We’re about to show you exactly how.

Here’s the deal with getting design clients in 2024

Clients don’t want to hire another “designer” who simply promises a website. They’re looking for more than a service provider.

Lots of people can design, clients want you to show them why you're perfect for them.

Clients want easy answers to their problems, they want a passionate partner to support them.

and that’s where tiny videos come in.


You give a quick solution, in less than 5 minutes. Then, you give people a simple way to keep working with you to solve their next problem.

Design Client on Demand Formula

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Step 1

Identify winning clients

We'll show you the secret tricks to finding clients who are ready to buy. You'll also learn how to spot and identify the "headache clients" that aren't worth your time. 

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Step 2

Craft your video

You'll learn how make a casual, imperfect 5 minute video that will get your prospects to fall in love with you before even meeting. 

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Step 3

Make the sale

We'll teach you the word-for-word script that has the client doing most of the talking. This script has generated clients as large as 40k per month. 


Insider Tip

When you give clients real value, your offer becomes a no-brainer.

With Design Clients on Demand in you pocket, you can spend more time doing what you love.


Design Clients on Demand

Find leads using short 5 minute videos
...then turn them into high paying clients.

Part 1

Tiny Video Magic

45 Mins

Learn the video pitching technique that turns complete strangers into high paying clients.

The Tiny Video System

How to turn strangers to prospects

Outreach Templates

Real winng pitch examples

Sales Confidence Trainning

Part 2

Design Sales

45 Mins

Learn the step-by-step process to selling as a creative and creating no-brainer offers.

Ultimate sales script

5 Minute Proposal Techniques

Master Pricing Formula

BONUS - Onboarding Clients

BONUS - Contracts & collecting payment

Everything you need to grow your design business and get better clients.

I love using video because it changed the way I do business for good

Meet your Mentors

Danielle Thompson

Danielle has over 7 years of experience as a UX/UI designer. She has been featured as one of the top 3% of designers on Toptal. She has helped companies raise over 200M in seed and VC funding. Most importantly, she’s happy. Currently living in Bali and is really stoked to be your mentor.

Design Clients on Demand

Find leads using short 5 minute videos
...then turn them into high paying clients.

Here’s everything that’s inludes

Tiny Video Magic Value $197

Design Sales Mastery Value $497

Bonus - Client Onboarding Masterclass Value $47

Bonus - Contracts & Collecting Money Value $27

Total Value $768

Today’s price: just $97

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Everything you need to grow your design business and get better clients.

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Nope, these techniques work for any type of designer. Keep in mind in tech UX/UI designers are most in-demand. 

Yes, this workshop is for designers at any level. Even if you don't have a portfolio or you're just getting started.

I think so - these techniques are not well known in the design community. The great news, if you don't love the training just shoot me and email at and you'll get a refund right away. 

Yes, these techniques work on all platforms. You'll learn how to stand out from the masses. 

We work on an honest refund policy. In the first 30 days, if you don't love the training we'll give you your money back. Just email me personally at and I'll process your refund. 

Sound fair? 

So yeah, are your ready to get Design Clients on Demand?

This has changed my life and I know it will change yours too. 

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