5 Steps to Help You Quit Your Job and Get Freelancing Full-time [Free Training]

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5 Steps to Help You Quit Your Job and Get Freelancing Full-time [Free Trainning]

Traditional nine-to-five jobs often provide benefits, a competitive salary and most attractively: stability. That’s all fine and dandy, except for the fact that you can’t help but realize you’d much rather be working for yourself! Like every beginner, you aren’t sure how to quit your job and go freelance

It doesn’t have to be as nerve-wracking to quit your job and go freelance as our anxiety lets us believe. You know you’ve got a marketable skill and you’re ready to use it – so what else do you need to plan?

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A freelance career has been calling you for a while; after all, it’ll give you the freedom to work when, where, how and on whatever you want!

So, how can you start the freelance career you’ve always wanted without losing everything you’ve worked for at your day job?

Here are a few actionable pieces of advice for anyone who’s getting ready to make the jump, quit your job, and go freelance – FULL-TIME!

Revisit your budget and break it down to basics.

Use a budgeting app or fill out a plain old spreadsheet. Add all the necessary monthly bills: rent, utilities, car payments, groceries, etc. This total is what you’ll need to earn(plusa little extra) to make the switch seamlessly.

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*Tip: if you can spot some excesses, try to trim the fat so you’ll boost your chance of starting out successfully.

Get saving!

Going freelance is a process with a learning curve. To make that seamless switch to freelancing, you’ll need some savings to act as a safety net if something unexpected happens.

For example, you may land the perfect client but their project doesn’t start until the end of the month…when bills are due! Get your savings up to keep your transition smooth.

Get on your freelance client-finding grind ASAP!

You’re definitely going to be putting in work to your freelance career before you quit your day job. Often times, people put work into creating a website, drafting contract templates or designing a logo before quitting…when none of these things are a top priority.

Your top priority should be finding clients that can start paying you as soon as you quit.

Let go of those benefits. You can buy your own!

It can be hard to make the jump to freelancing when you’ve got a pretty nice benefits package at your desk job.

Don’t forget that every benefit can be bought with money you’ll make freelancing. You can buy insurance, gym memberships or even a latte machine if that’s what your heart desires.

why you should quit your job and go freelance
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Lastly, find some good freelance blogs (like this one!) and stay updated on them.

Like I said before: every freelancing career has a learning curve. However, one thing that makes us a different breed is the fact that we’re always trying to help each other succeed!
Find a great freelance blog or social media account and follow them. Their advice will be worth its weight in gold to you at some point.

5 Steps to Help You Quit Your Job and Go Freelance Full-time

  1. Make a basic budget to find your starting-out salary.
  2. Build up a little safety net of savings.
  3. Find clients and work that will start as soon as you quit(or even a little before).
  4. Forget your benefits, you’ll buy your own!
  5. Find and follow a great freelance blog.

What’d you do to prepare for the desk-job-to-freelance-freedom transition? Comment below!

If you’re struggling with this transition, we can totally help! Check out our free training where we go through the exact steps that allowed me to hit a 6-figure income at 21! Check it out here.

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