How to Reuse Old Content and Capture Your Reader’s Interest

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Creating new great ideas, especially in creation is not that easy as what we expected. It takes a lot of time to create new content and the same goes for publishing the posts. So it makes a lot of sense to re-purpose content to save time, effort and resources.

Repurposing is a smart marketer use to drive traffic to their sites. For those writing jobs you must have a list of many posts. Instead of writing a new post on the same topic over and over again, why not repurpose the content? Repurposing seems to be an easy way to promote your work.

How to repurpose content


After blogging a lot about a specific topic, you can repackage those blogs to create a new guide. For example, you may have written about how to use ads on Facebook, upload images on Facebook, and how to add links to your post and add it on Facebook.

Based on the response given to your post, you may need to update the content a little bit and give them a new touch that is appealing. This ensures that when you write a quality blog post, they don’t end up being lost or forgotten. Reuse those old posts and they will remain relevant forever.



A webinar is another way to connect with your audience. It allows you to present on a topic effectively and engage your audience in conversation. Your old blog post can be a great start point for a webinar, or you can use a list of posts as a research to create a final presentation.

A common way to create a webinar is through Google Hangouts. You can create an event and broadcast your content live with Hangouts on Air. A perfect way to reuse old content.



Infographics help to capture the attention of your online readers. It is simply a complete summary of the content of your post turned into a visual outline. Infographics are a great way to share content on social media that help readers to relate to what you have written. If you have a lot of data or content on your site, you can decide to build infographics to repurpose them.



If you search them on the internet, there are endless adverts of writers who can create podcasts. Perhaps you have considered creating one, but you have no idea what to include or talk about. Grab several key points from your old articles and expand on each one of them. Then create a podcast or video to open up a new way to connect with your readers.



The next step to repurpose your content is to turn your content into an eBook to generate leads. If you do your research, you will be amazed by how many high-quality eBooks began as blog posts. It’s a great way to turn content into a large guide once the initial hype of your content demises. This can be a good way to keep generating leads all through.

We have come across a section on our old blog posts that we repurpose again and again. So if you have a series of blog posts stuck in one folder, it’s time to repurpose it and either create a podcast, eBook, webinar, or infographics.


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