5 Top Business Books For New Freelancers

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Top 5 Business Books

Together with the growth in the gig economy, you have an increasing number of people deciding to leave their routine 9-to-5 to become freelancers. However, this can be quite a transition, as since freelancing comes with its own ups and drawbacks. One learning resource that you should never count out: books for freelancers!

We may have Google always at our fingertips, but reading a book cover-to-cover can create a solid foundation of knowledge for you to build your business on.

Pairing this new foundation of knowledge with some of the best tools for freelancers can make starting your own business even easier than you could’ve imagined.

These are the five best business books for freelancers – that I personally recommend! They’re all great for helping freelancers to understand their new landscape and take control of it.

The Gig Economy

best books for freelancers

Start looking at your business generally speaking and certainly one is always to take a step backwards. Particularly, what could be the summary of the new gig market — will you fix into this shift and what would be the developments?

With study, an answer is provided by Diane Mulcahy to issues regarding where in fact the gig economy will be about. She also explores how flexibility can be built by freelancers while saving some time.

Liminal Thinking

books for freelancers starting out
Again, we’ll go and look not just at the gig economy and freelance in general, but about how you approach problems and situations.

Switching out of a position will require more than just upgrading your LinkedIn account and changing projects. It will need you to alter your mindset. You need to ensure that you can know and take constraint of one’s freedoms and responsibilities.

Dave grey at Liminal Thinking really wants to improve the way you imagine by changing (or reframing) your beliefs. Greater than a small business book to get brand new franchises, that really is.

Craft Inc.

In this book, Meg Mateo Ilasco covers the essential part of the craft business for freelancers. Therefore, it is made specifically for freelancers who are involved in creating crafts or other art projects and eager to succeed. Creatives and Etsy Shop hopefuls will love this book for freelancers!

She thoroughly goes through all the important aspects of the business. This includes creating your crafts, formulating a business plan, and some important tips for paying taxes.

Creative Inc.

In a similar vein, Ilasco teamed up with Joy Cho to expand their business books to include the creative industry in general.

You are going to come across precisely the very same thorough hints like in Craft, Inc. For example, organization strategies, plans, taxes, etc.. This book will be directed by illustrators, photographers, graphic artists, animators and such.

The Four Hour Work Week

There’s no solution than to mention this classic to examine the business books to get freelancers.

While the world of entrepreneurship is stuck in the ‘hustle’ style (triumph at all costs (including perhaps not sleeping), this book focuses much more on working less and getting more.

You also can truly feel that the should be as far as possible to earn as much as you possibly can, whenever you’re just beginning in a freelance venture. But that is the way. Get the things and figure out strategies to automate or recycle the others.

What’s Your Favourite Book?

These are of course only some of the best books available for freelancers, but they are a great way for you to get started in your new position.

With the right motivation, resources and inspiration, you’ll soon get into the new rhythm.

Comment some of your favourite books below!


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