The Pros and Cons of Bonjoro’s Personalized Video Marketing

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The first contact we have with our leads acts as a first impression. If we write super generic mass emails, people will feel unaddressed and send us to the spam folder. If we come on too strong, they’ll screenshot our email and laugh at it with their friends. If we spend time crafting personal messages for every lead, we’ll never get anything else done. So, where’s the sweet spot? How can we send balanced, personalized emails to boost our lead conversion rates without losing tons of time? The answer: a personalized video marketing tool.

personalized video marketing
Bonjoro is my favorite way to send videos!

My professional preference of all the personalized video marketing programs out there is Bonjoro! You can read up on how Bonjoro works for our model here and what types of emails/videos we send with Bonjoro.

But enough about me! I want to get into the pros and cons of Bonjoro so you can decide if it’s the right personalized video marketing tool for YOU.

How to Use Bonjoro’s Personalized Video Marketing

Bonjoro is a digital tool that allows us to record personalized videos and send them to new leads, customers, or clients. It is mainly used for lead conversion, as giving new customers a personalized welcome to your business is a huge step in convincing someone you care about their potential business. They can also be sent to thank customers, onboard new users, introduce yourself (and your brand), and to point people to blog and product updates.

personalized video marketing
This is what your Bonjoro recipient will see. They can say thanks or reply directly to the video!

Bonjoro can be integrated with tons of other freelancer tools, so adding this personalized video marketing tool into an already automated workflow is easy. Syncing Bonjoro with your other CRM apps and accounts makes sending the Bonjoro videos even easier. Bonjoro will give you reminders to send videos when customers sign up to your newsletter, make a purchase or any other action. Seriously seamless!

personalized video marketing
Bonjoro syncs with your CRM to automate personalized video marketing.

After Bonjoro sends a notification, it adds the customer in question directly to a to-do list. If you’ve got a team to work with, you can assign those to-do customers to anyone on your team. Tracking results is also really easy, as you can see the open rate, click rate, and play rate of the videos.

personalized video marketing
Assign Bonjoro videos to your team’s to-do lists and see their results all in one place.

The Pros of Bonjoro – Easy Video Marketing

– The entire interface is easy as pie to use and makes for some very easy video marketing. It’s totally intuitive; recording and sending your first video should only take you a minute or two.

– It’s basically a guarantee that your click-through rates will increase (and possibly conversion rates, too).

personalized video marketing
My click-through rates got a huge boost thanks to Bonjoro.

– Using personalized video marketing with Bonjoro gives brands a friendly and helpful reputation.

– It can be more comfortable for some people to send a video rather than trying to type a thoughtful, professional message.

The Cons of Bonjoro – Video Marketing Campaigns

– You MUST be committed to personalized video marketing for Bonjoro to work! If your Bonjoro videos are only sent sporadically, they won’t give your brand the personal touch you want.

– Some features are only available with paid Bonjoro subscriptions: custom branding, GIF-preview, custom landing pages, and more than 1 message template.

personalized video marketing
Customization and multiple templates are only available with paid subscriptions.

– It may be too much for solo freelancers or tiny teams to keep on track with their Bonjoro to-do lists, depending on which interactions will get a Bonjoro video.

Even though there are a couple of pain points that a select few freelancers will feel, I really believe in and stand by Bonjoro. The results it’s given me are worth the price of this awesome personalized video marketing service!

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Interested in trying out Bonjoro’s personalised video marketing in your own freelance business? Pin it to your productivity Pinterest board for later!

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