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Cold-emailing is a tough tactic, especially if you’re sending messages to unverified emails or to people who aren’t necessarily relevant for you. Emailing efforts don’t have to feel as random or fruitless! There are tons of great tools for freelancers out there that can help with your email reach. In fact, my favorite tool, Hunter, will help you find anyone’s email (sometimes even for free).

find anyone's email
It’s the first thing you’ll see on’s website: find those emails!

Why Use Hunter‘s Email Lookup Tool to Find Anyone’s Email?

As we mostly work digitally, it’s hard to brush elbows with important professionals and make connections to grow our businesses. That’s why being able to find anyone’s email comes in handy for freelancers. With Hunter’s email lookup tool, we can find the email address of that specific professional who we know will boost our business. Since Hunter boasts the largest database of professional emails out there, success seems certain! Whether we’re looking for business partnerships, mentors, or recruiting talent, we can contact the right person in seconds.

find anyone's email
With the bulk email finder, we can find hundreds of our contacts’ emails and export them directly.

Hunter’s email lookup service gets even more valuable when you’re looking for a long list of emails. They offer a bulk email finding service where you can add a list of names, click search, then download the results right away. The bulk feature is great for finding blogger emails for backlink opportunities, new clients, and networking follow-ups. Once you get your list of professional contacts downloaded, you can upload it to your email marketing tool and get your email campaign started.

How to Use Hunter’s Domain Email Search

We’ve seen how to use Hunter to find anyone’s email, but what if we want to find everyone in a particular company’s email address? Just use their domain email search and Hunter will generate a list of every known person and email account listed with the company. From there, you can sift through the contacts and choose the ones that are relevant to your work. With a little + button, freelancers can add any email that their engine finds to a lead list, then sync directly with your existing CRM!

find anyone's email
A quick search brings up all listed emails from

Hunter will recognize the email pattern that the company uses, so if you know a contact in a company whose email address is not listed, you’ve got good odds of guessing their email. The best part of their domain email search that lets freelancers find anyone’s email: you get up to 100 searches a month FOR FREE.

Hunter for Link-building Outreach

Freelancers who are focusing on link-building will love Hunter. From the domain email search, emails can be sorted by department and added to a lead list. Hunter has a new emailing feature, which means you can send mass-emails to your lead list on the same interface you used to find them. Your link-building outreach can be done all on one platform!

find anyone's email
From the Vice emails that Hunter found, I only wanted to see those in the communication department. You can also see their job title next to their name in some cases!

Finding the right person and email is vital to a successful link-building campaign. Hunter lets you sort according by department within a company, see whether their email is verified, add them to a lead list, and email directly within the tool. Hunter also offers tracking, scheduling, personalization, and template creation; your whole link-building operation will be automated!

find anyone's email
These are the awesome features that Hunter offers users focused on outreach.

Hunter is one of the best (if not the best) email scraping services out there, so of course, their paid subscriptions can be pricey. However, there’s good news: the free version of Hunter is still useful! With 100 free searches, freelancers can find anyone’s email without paying a pretty penny. Honestly, it’s the best tool for outreach. What are you waiting for? Reach out!

Download Now - Free Tool Guide

Don’t forget this amazing tool for freelancers just because you don’t need it right now. Save it to your Freelance Tools board on Pinterest!


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